CryoSlim uses a process known as Apoptosis (widely known as Fat Freezing) and kills fat cells by freezing them in the area of application on the body. Once the cells are dead, they break down and exit the body naturally through the body waste mechanism.

No need for pills, injections, exercise or diets, CryoSlim works by simply wrapping around the effected area and targeting only those specific fat cells you want to kill.

CryoSlim can remove fat from those stubborn body areas wherein even exercise or diet fails (or take several months to reduce fat). CyroSlim can be applied all over the body from your shoulders, back and stomach to your knees, calf and ankles and gets to work on your love-handles, buttocks, bat wings and man boobs with instant results.

  • Eliminates fat cells in 30 minutes
  • Even after the first treatment session you will see an immediate reduction of fat in the treated area
  • CryoSlim can also reduce or remove cellulite
  • Eliminates veins by targeting affected areas
  • It can even reduce or eliminate stretch marks