This is a quick and painless procedure using a dye to change the colour of your lashes and brows which will enhance general appearance of eyes.

After all the brows act as the natural frame for our face.

But even the best-shaped brows may not set off the eyes if hair is fine or pale. Tinting may be your solution. Just like having your hair coloured, brow tinting changes the colour, adds the illusion of thickness and dimension.

When lashes are dyed you can see their true length.

It’s great for people with known sensitivity to make-up, good for sporting activities, especially swimming, and also will benefit contact lens wearers.

IMPORTANT: For any eyebrow/eyelash tint services an Allergy Patch Test is required (free). It is the client’s responsibility to book and visit the salon 48 hours before the actual treatment for the free patch test.

The patch test involves putting a dab of hair dye/perm solution behind the ear, leaving it there couple minutes and looking for itching, burning, redness, or other reactions in next 24h.

If you experience any of these symptoms you must not continue with the treatment but seek medical advice.
You should always tell your therapist before you begin any treatment if you had experienced of any allergies or recently have had a new tattoo done.

If you are one of our existing clients and haven’t had a patch test in the last six months please request one, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. Allergies can be triggered at any point.